Bluebird Productions strives to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company. From our day-to-day operations to every aspect of our largest events, we make every effort to practice environmentally friendly approaches to business. Knowing that the average wedding emits 63 tons of CO2, more than a single person emits in a full year, we do our best to tread lightly on the beautiful place we call home.



What can we do together, both to create your dream event and reduce impact on the environment? It is our goal to limit unnecessary waste while still producing over-the-top events for the day of your dreams. We continually educate ourselves and eagerly relay our knowledge. Below are just a few ways to “Green your Event” with minimal impact on the overall feel of your event:

  • Food:

    We are lucky enough to live in an area with chefs who own their own farms. They are very involved with the “Farm-to-Table” movement. This allows for fresh, local, organic food to be served at events. Your food will be in season and delicious. More importantly, it has not traveled far and has not been treated with harsh chemicals.

  • Waste:

    Bluebird Productions strongly encourages all of our vendors to recycle and compost all of their waste at events whenever possible. We make every effort to educate caterers about ordering 3% extra food instead of the industry standard of 10% extra. Why not send the leftovers home with staff or donate non-perishables to a local food pantry?

  • Decor:

    Bluebird Productions looks forward to sharing our ideas for eco-friendly décor. Just a few of our green ideas include: flowers that are in season, using live plants, LED lighting options, ice sculpture centerpieces, organic cotton linens, bamboo cutlery, and soy wax candles. The options to go green are endless.

  • Promotional Materials, Invitations and Gifts:

    With a little education and even less searching, it is very easy to obtain materials, invitations and gifts that are eco-friendly. We are eager to show you ways to wow your guests or clients with sustainable and elegant products, from your first contact to your parting gift.

  • Transportation:

    Destination events tend to draw guests from far and wide. Unfortunately the byproduct of their travel produces a large carbon footprint. There are many ways to offset one’s carbon footprint. We are happy to give you suggestions of various carbon-offset programs.

Business and Personal Lives

Bluebird Productions feels very strongly about practicing “green” measures in our business and personal lives. We research green initiatives daily to stay up to date on the latest trends and tips. Please contact us for some of our exciting ideas and favorite blogs!

A few examples of how we practice being Green in our day-to-day lives:

  • Paper:

    We do not print any paper materials except what is absolutely necessary. We keep our electronic files backed up to Internet databases in case of the dreaded computer crash.

  • Paper Products:

    We purchase recycled products for all business cards, letterhead, mailings, pamphlets, etc.

  • Fax:

    We use an e-fax to prevent wasted ink and paper.

  • Recycle:

    We recycle household and office materials.

  • Transportation:

    We make every effort to walk, bike, or ride the bus.

  • Lighting:

    We love great lighting and believe it can be achieved through great shades covering CFL bulbs!

  • Compost:

    Food waste is composted at our homes. This makes our gardens flourish in the summer!

  • Cleaning Products:

    We use environmentally friendly cleaning products in our homes.

  • Solar Power:

    One of our homes is equipped with solar panels!

  • Energy Star appliances:

    Our homes are equipped with Energy Star appliances.

  • Paperless Billing:

    We use e-bills (both personal and business) for all accounts to prevent unnecessary waste.